Careers Guidance

Education is a path to personal growth and future lifestyle. Our Senior College team offers crucial careers guidance, engaging students to consider a range of post school options. We empower them to make wise subject choices so they can reach their potential.


Choosing the right study pathway

Offering lots of subject choice and lots of help choosing subjects are key to giving students career options.

Our diverse elective courses expose students to a wide range of possibilities. They can discover what interests them, find their direction and choose a fulfilling study pathway.

The Dean of Senior Studies, House Coordinators, Careers Advisor and subject teachers work together to offer comprehensive documentation, events and counselling to support students in the lead up to HSC subject choice.

Students are encouraged to speak with teachers and other students studying the courses they are interested in to help them choose a subject combination that creates maximum flexibility, a realistic workload and plays to their strengths.

Central Coast Grammar School careers guidance

  • The My Careers Match day takes place after academic reports have been sent home and it guides Year 10 students in using online resources to identify, research and profile three careers for discussion at home.
  • This is followed by parent teacher interviews and UAC information so students can see what courses they need for their desired pathway.
  • Ongoing information and opportunities are published in a weekly careers newsletter.
  • The CCGS HSC and Careers Expo gives students an opportunity to research and develop their plans alongside their parents as they finalise their subject choices.


Careers Services

  • Support for Year 10 and 11 students to undertake on-line exploration on the school’s dedicated careers website. They can build a career profile, explore career ideas and options and develop a personal career plan. The site has up to the minute information about the HSC and the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) plus resources for parents too.
  • Assistance with university admissions, scholarships, and alternative entry schemes including Elite Athlete and Performer Schemes.
  • Weekly Careers Newsletter with information updates.
  • Online information emailed to Year 12 students and parents weekly.
  • Individual and small group meetings with students and parents to discuss post-secondary options.
  • Displays and distribution of publications from universities, private colleges and TAFE in the Year 12 Centre.
  • Lunchtime career talks for students.
  • Attendance at careers expos.
  • Visiting speakers at careers seminars and from a range of universities.
  • Careers displays at parent information evenings.
  • CCGS ‘Where to From Here’ event for Year 12 students and their parents covering options to consider after leaving Year 12.


Post School Destinations

Offers made to the cohort of 2020 can be grouped into the following fields of study

12% Commerce / Economics / Business

11% Applied Science/Health

7% Security / Criminology & Justice

7% Medical Science

7% Engineering

7% IT & Computer Science

7% Education / Arts / Social Science

4% Architecture

4% Media / Communications

4% Law

3% International Studies / Politics

3% Design / Innovation

3% Environmental Science

Other courses included nursing, pharmacy, veterinary science, accounting, development studies, occupational therapy and speech pathology


Offers made to the cohort of 2020 were from the following universities and institutions

26.6% Macquarie University

26% University of Newcastle

14% University of Sydney

9% University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

6% Australian National University, Canberra (ANU)

1% Australian Defence Force Academy

1% University of Western Sydney

<1% SAE, ICMS, USA College, UTAS, UK Sussex, Bond Queensland, CSU Wagga Wagga