Our Teachers

Our teachers are our school. High quality teaching is the most crucial factor in your child’s education and our success.

We attract and develop the best qualified and best quality staff. Our expert teachers adopt evidence based strategies and embrace continual professional development.

There’s a healthy shifting dynamic of new and long serving staff. New energy and expertise is constantly combining with consistent standards and values to create an evolving spirited energy.

We work hard on the professional relationships between students, teachers and parents so that every student can find their place and enjoy learning in a dynamic, orderly and safe environment.

Curriculum in junior school at CCGS

Continuous improvement

Biannual appraisal ensures continuous improvement. This begins with personal reflection against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Each teacher is observed by a peer and their supervisor, followed by a structured, standards referenced discussion with evidence and examples.

Significant strengths are identified and disseminated. Areas for development feed into a personal professional learning and development plan over the following two years. Supervisors are clear where teachers are at and what input they need.

In our learning organisation colleagues collaborate to share, learn and refine.

The school became an early registered provider of NESA endorsed professional development in 2011 and we use a mix of internal and external programs to train and develop our staff.

Many of our teachers have completed the Teaching for Understanding course through the Harvard Graduate School for Education. We also have teachers involved in Higher School Certificate (HSC) activities either as markers, examination committee members or judges as well as NAPLAN marketing activities.