Green & Gold takeover

Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 donned their green and gold to support Olympic Australia's Green & Gold Day on 30 July.

Central Coast Grammar School saw roll calls light up in Australian colours. There were wigs, glasses, Olympic t-shirts, Aboriginal painting backgrounds or famous Australian landmarks, flags and more. 

Despite remote learning and being in lockdown, the School community came together to show our support for the Tokyo Olympic team.

One student wore a team jacket from an Olympian who competed at the last Olympic games in London. Another student proudly wore with his mum’s Olympic tracksuit, and showed his mum's bronze Olympic medal and Olympic flag (she competed in the Seoul games back in 1988).

Olympics Australia Green and Gold Day

As stated by Olympics Australia ‘Green & Gold Day' is for everyone. The athletes, the fans, the businesses, the schools, the young, the old and everything in between. It doesn't matter who you are, your sporting ability or your background, sport has the power to unite us all.

This day is about painting the country in our national colours and being proud of Australia's sporting achievements, it's about all Australians coming together and celebrating the green and gold.

The School is also rallying to support alumni Charlie Hunter (2014) who is competing in the Men's 800m. Messages of support are on display in an online gallery and are being shared with Charlie through social media and in a digital book.