A Memorable Adventure

Year 7 camp raft building

A 300-acre camp, located at Webbs Creek in the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley, was the setting for Year 7’s outdoor education program this year. Students bonded with one another and their teachers as they took the momentous leap into Middle School. 

Below is an extract from Year 7 student, Hope Owen’s journal about her time on camp.

Day one

I have just had my first day at camp and it was the best…this camp is unlike any other camp I’ve been to. 

Our first activity was laser tag. It was so fun and exciting. After that, we did a raft-building competition. We had 40 minutes to build our raft then put it in the lake. It was a race to see who could get over to the other side the quickest and deconstruct it. We came third because ours fell apart in the water.

Camp life year 7

Day two

I am pumped because today we did heaps of fun activities. We started the day with zip lining. We were over a pond with a stunning view. After we all had a turn, we could do it in pairs and race each other! 

We then went to our next activity, abseiling. I was scared at first, but it got easier as I went down. 

Our third activity was damper making, then archery. To make damper we got heaps of flour and a little bit of water and put it altogether and wrapped it up in foil. After we cooked it, mine was close to perfection! 

Our final activity of the day was the mud run. The course was crawling through tyres, climbing up a muddy hill, shuffling across a beam above a muddy ditch and much more. It was so much fun. 

Zip lining on camp Year 7

Day three

Today is the big day. The pack and paddle, where you walk for 10km then paddle back.  

I hurt my ankle so I got to do the paddle both ways. On the way there we were terrible at it. On the way back, because I already had experience, I went up the front to help. This time we were very fast because we knew what we were doing! 

Year 7 camp life


I think that we have grown stronger as a year group as it was a different camp experience than what we were used to. Camp has given me the skills to relate and recover. It’s important that we have these experiences to build long-lasting friendships and just for pure enjoyment.