Students lead at Take 3 Summit

Take 3 for the Sea Youth Summit

To celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June, Take 3 for the Sea held its inaugural Youth Summit at Taronga Zoo. CCGS students were excited to be invited. 

150 young leaders from 25 schools around NSW were joined by young environmental activists and leaders in the field of conservation to discuss the problem of plastic pollution and potential solutions during two action-packed days. 

Year 11 student, Holly Lewis said, "One of the most inspiring things was listening to young people speak about the changes they had made in their local communities. They shared insights on how you can drive change locally. It made us realise, that it doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can make a big difference."

Take 3 for the Sea youth summit inspires change

"We also discovered that you don't need to have a big idea or work in a nonprofit organisation to ignite change. You can do a lot by sharing information with others and educating as many people as possible," added Holly.

Students worked in school groups and established action plans for the future to specifically address the issue of plastic pollution in schools.

Mrs Gretchen Wiseman, Senior School teacher who also attended the summit, said, “Our students have set intentions for our community. Some intentions include soft and hard plastic recycling House competitions, plastic art installations, student-led activities to educate and inspire change and a Spring Fair sorting competition.”

Together students will build a concrete strategy to drive change in our School environment.