Join us in Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting time to join Central Coast Grammar School, offering an energizing launch pad for your child’s journey beyond primary school. There's time and space to form friendships, develop strong study habits and try out new cocurricular clubs before moving up to Senior School. 

For Year 5 students, NAPLAN results rank CCGS in the Daily Telegraph's top 100 primary schools in NSW, and top performing school on the Central Coast.

Adapting to a new school and an unfamiliar environment can be easier in Year 5 than in Year 7 - while friendship groups are more fluid and adolescence hasn't kicked in. You won't be alone - a whole class is added in Year 5, bringing a fresh group of personalities and new friendships to the mix. Secure your place in senior school, as the increase in Year 5 entry has reduced our capacity to enrol in Year 7.

What it means for your child?

Separate Year 5 and 6 areas at CCGS
New Junior School campus

Stunning grounds, innovative teaching practices and first class facilities. Our new Junior School campus opened in 2021, providing a sophisticated and groundbreaking learning environment.  

Academic excellence at Central Coast Grammar School
Reaching academic potential

New faces, new teachers and next generation learning opportunities will engage and challenge your child. Join a community of supportive parents, motivated students and highly skilled teachers with shared expectations for your child's success. The Stage 3 curriculum starts in Year 5 making it a perfect time to switch.

Wellbeing at Central Coast Grammar School
Wellbeing support

Comprehensive wellbeing support will set your child on the right path to developing increased independence, self-confidence and self-reliance in preparation for senior school.

Cocurricular opportunities at Central Coast Grammar School
Cocurricular opportunities

Discover new talents, make new friends and get more from the school day. Year 5 students can choose from an extensive range of activities and programs including friendly competition in sport, creative participation in music, dance and drama, quick thinking in debate and problem solving in robotics. 

Interested in exploring our campus?

Join us on our interactive 360 virtual tour and see our next generation learners in action. 


Speak with our Enrolments team about your child's situation and get answers to your questions about enrolling in Year 5 on +61 2 4367 6766.