Junior Wellbeing

Junior School is a time in your child's life that's abundant with change and growth. As they move through the Junior School your child will gradually acquire the freedom that naturally comes with challenges. Our wellbeing program at school will help your child gain a strong sense of identity.

 Student wellbeing at Central Coast Grammar

Director of Wellbeing K to 6

The Director of Wellbeing K to 6 is an extra resource in addition to the Deputy Head of the Junior School who has overall responsibility for wellbeing. As the social and emotional barometer of the Junior School, the Director of Wellbeing works closely with classroom teachers to observe and model strategies and also chairs the student support team. The Director of Wellbeing is heavily involved in orientation and making sure new students settle in.


Extensive orientation programs ensure new students are ready to start at CCGS. Kindergarten has five orientation sessions and students joining Years 1 to 6 have three orientation sessions. Buddies show new students the ropes and introduce them to new friends and activities.

Wellbeing programs

URSTRONG, our structured junior wellbeing program, dedicates time to teaching the five key qualities that children have been shown to need for success at school and in later life: confidence, organisation, getting along, persistence and resilience.

Targeted small group programs enhance individual wellbeing when required. These include Worry Woos books and toys to combat anxiety, Seasons For Growth to help children deal with bereavement, and Rock And Water which uses physicality to enhance mindfulness, self-confidence and resilience.

Dedicated Director of Wellbeing K to 6


Leadership opportunities for junior students build skills and motivate them to get involved in making a deeper commitment to serve their school and community.

Digital awareness

DQ World, a certification course endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, strengthens digital awareness and online wellbeing for students in Years 4 and 6 across topics such as safety and security, screen time management and identity and information literacy.