Alexander Southwick: alumni profile

Alexander Southwick

Following his passion for gaming and technology, Alexander Southwick (2006) works alongside global marketing teams to create world-class experiences. Alexander has turned turn his technology dreams into a steadfast career.

You graduated from CCGS in 2006, what has been your post-school journey?
When I left CCGS in 2006 I was lucky enough to be able to participate in an exchange program abroad that took me to Europe where I was able to teach English for 6 months and then travel for 6 months. After that, I returned to Australia and started my studies at UTS.

About a year in I decided I was eager to join the workforce, so I decided to study part-time and joined a creative advertising agency, from there I've worked in a number of different roles with a focus on Social Media and Advertising. Most recently my work has been focused on gaming. I helped launch the Xbox Series X|S in Australia as well as games such as Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and many more. 

What do you love most about your work?
Growing up I was always a keen gamer, many of my friends at CCGS were gamers and we're still in touch now. To be able to work in gaming and do something that brought me together with friends is something that brings me a smile every day. I'm also aware of how fortunate I am to be in the position where I get to work alongside global marketing teams to create world-class experiences, notably filming the Sydney Youth Orchestra playing a medley of Halo tracks on Sydney Harbour as part of the Global 20th Anniversary. 

Alexander Southwick

What is the CCGS experience that most prepared you for where you are today?
I don't think that there was any one experience that helped me most, but I am forever thankful for the patience of the teachers at CCGS. When I was a student, being able to access the facilities that we could at such a young age helped develop my understanding of computing and more. I've got many fond memories of installing Unreal Tournament on the IT Lab PC’s to play and then uninstalling of course. Technology and computing have come a long way since then but being able to grow with technology through schooling helped ensure that I had a deep understanding of IT that has helped me in my career. 

What are you passionate about?
Beyond gaming and creating fun marketing campaigns for games, inclusivity and accessibility are very important to me. As a result, it's a core tenant of my work now to ensure that digital experiences are accessible and inclusive to all people. 

What advice would you give to students wanting to pursue a career in digital or social media and marketing?
When I went through school, social media didn't really exist beyond MySpace. These days with TikTok, Instagram, Meta, etc. there's always something new and exciting emerging and I wouldn't worry too much if you don't understand the current 'it' platform as they continue to evolve and grow. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is pursue what feels most natural and engaging to you. I would also recommend being open to hearing about and learning new things so that you can develop your own opinions and perspectives on social media and marketing.

Alexander Southwick at the launch of XBox

What is your proudest moment post-school?
I was lucky enough to find someone who shared the same passion for gaming, technology and entertainment as me, and we're early in our journey of having a small family. Outside of work, it's my proudest achievement to come home to a happy house. Beyond that at work, my proudest career moment was helping launch Sea of Thieves in Japan, where we were able to engage local artists to create a culturally relevant interpretation of the in-game characters that would engage the local gaming community. We saw great results from the campaign and very strong positive community feedback too.

What advice would you give to your Year 12 self?
Enjoy it, when you finish Year 12 it feels like the end of a marathon and when it's done you quickly realise how many special moments there were leading up to the finish that is so much more special as you go on in life.