Andrew Medlicott: alumni profile

Alumni Andrew Medlicott

If launching an advisory business during Covid wasn’t challenging enough, this alumnus is also training for marathons, growing his flourishing business and finding a balance to spend time with friends and family. He equates his success and motivation to lessons learned at CCGS.

What has been your path since graduating from CCGS in 2006?

I studied Business and Law at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), graduating in 2013. 

What has led you to the position you hold today at Tiger & Bear Partners?

After graduating from UTS, I worked at a multinational law firm King & Wood Mallesons until 2016, specialising in corporate advice on large energy and infrastructure projects. I then joined ASX-listed telecommunications provider, amaysim, where I served as Deputy General Counsel until the sale of amaysim’s mobile and energy businesses to Optus and AGL.

It was a strange transaction to work on, as we knew we would make ourselves redundant in closing the deal! The Corporate Development, Legal, and Investor Relations teams (who happened to get along famously), were suddenly out of work at the same time.

So, we founded Tiger & Bear Partners as a multidisciplinary advisory firm as a way to keep the band together! I am a co-founder of the business and currently head up our legal division.  

What has been the most challenging or rewarding moment (or client) you have worked with at Tiger & Bear Partners?

We launched an advisory business during COVID. I’d say that was, in and of itself, the most challenging thing we have done to date. With no office, no staff, and no technology, we were a group of hard-working, bright people who saw a way to keep working together. We rolled the dice and it seems to be paying off. As of January 2023, we have an office in the Sydney CBD with 12 full-time team members (and counting) and a significant client base ranging from start-ups to multinational ASX 50 companies. To start a business that has created jobs and allows us to teach the next generation of professionals is incredibly fulfilling. 

Andrew Medlicott and his team at Tiger and Bear
Andrew Medlicott and his team at Tiger and Bear.

What is the proudest moment from your post-school life?

Aside from starting Tiger & Bear Partners, I’m proud of the training I put in during COVID to get ready for a half marathon. The race was cancelled but I ran the distance on the day anyway, beating my personal best. I’m currently training for a half marathon in the Blue Mountains as part of the Ultra-Trail Australia series by UTMB. 

What trait has been most vital in helping you succeed?

Curiosity. If you are curious, the rest follows. You will find yourself learning without realising it. Always ask “why” and, if you’re not satisfied with the answer, ask it again. 

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

I’m a passionate traveller. In mid-2021, my partner and I bought a Toyota Prado and a camper trailer and travelled around Australia (we jokingly called ourselves retirees in training). We wanted to do a big lap while we were young so we could tackle some of the bigger and more aggressive hikes, particularly in the Northern Territory. The best part was that we narrowly escaped COVID lockdowns in NSW, crossing the border into Queensland with mere hours to spare! 

Where do you see the next 10 years taking you?

The next 10 years are all about growing Tiger & Bear Partners, working on my fitness, and spending time with my friends and family. 

Andrew Medlicott

What CCGS experience or achievement most prepared you for where you are today?

It’s hard to pinpoint one particular experience or achievement. The reality is that it is the diverse opportunities that CCGS offers that prepared me for life. Sport, music and academia all play an important part in my life and I have CCGS to thank for all of them. But if I had to pick one, I’d say Rugby. More than any other sport it taught me the importance of teamwork and resilience under pressure. 

What advice would you give to your high school self?

Blink and you’ll miss it. I spent 13 years at CCGS. You spend the first six thinking it will never end and the last seven realising it’s nearly over. After high school, life will move even quicker! It’s been 16 years since I left CCGS (I’ve spent more time out of CCGS than I did in it), but it almost feels as though I finished last year. All of this is to say: don’t rush it! Enjoy every minute.