Art and Technology on display

HSC Visual Arts 2022

Art galleries are much more than just spaces for the display of art, they are a hub of creativity and a showcase for incredibly passionate and talented artists.

This year, Year 12 Visual Arts and Industrial Technology students put on an exhibition like CCGS had never seen before. The exhibition - visited by over 300 people - quickly became a meeting points for art lovers everywhere.

The classrooms and corridors in the ARTECH building were transformed into a vibrant gallery space with artworks and digital displays featuring works from K to 12. The show included sophisticated pieces of furniture, a surfboard, acoustic guitar and a rocking horse all lovingly made by hand. 

Year 12 ARTECH Exhibition

"The quality of this Year 12 Bodies of Work is a testament to the hard work and dedication they have displayed over the course of the year. We are very proud of their work and achievements," said Mrs Linda Tebbs, Head of Visual Arts.

Mrs Kate Sonter, Head of Technology added, "We wanted to celebrate our Year 12 students, give them an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity and talk to members of the public about their pieces of work. It's a chance to recognise their commitment to our subjects and appreciate all their hard work."

Photography at ARTECH

Over 300 people visited the exhibition including local schools, parents and friends. Past students also came by to show their support.

Throughout the day, students from different classes across the school visited the exhibition ready to be inspired and amazed. They had lots of questions for Year 12.

Industrial Technology at CCGS

The exhibition was officially opened to the public later in the day by Dr Andrew Frost, writer, art critic and documentary maker.

Dr Frost spoke about the importance of creativity and its place in future life. 

Year 12 ARTECH

Year 12 students talked to visitors about their pieces, their inspiration and the process involved. It was wonderful to see the community support for these students and be inspired.