Broadening Horizons

In 2023, CCGS enthusiastically welcomed back its international programs for students. While each program is unique, they all share a common objective: to enhance our students’ understanding of diverse cultures and community perspectives, fostering the development of CCGS students as global citizens.

Cambodia Service Program

The Cambodia Service Program has been successfully running for over fifteen years and provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in a global service program. Interactions with Cambodian families who receive donations create a space for gratitude and a firsthand understanding of global imbalances.

Throughout the year, a dedicated team of 34 students and eight teachers worked tirelessly to raise the necessary funds to construct five homes in collaboration with Volunteer Building Cambodia. 

CCGS Students and Staff building houses in Cambodia
CCGS students and staff in Cambodia building houses for local communities as part of the Cambodia Service Program.

When the September holidays arrived, our students and staff embarked on a transformative journey to remote Cambodian villages, carrying with them all the tools and supplies required for this meaningful endeavour. Upon their return, the group left behind not only five well-constructed homes but also installed solar panels on each, ensuring sustainable energy sources. In addition, they provided five clean water wells, five sanitary toilet facilities, and distributed 40 essential care packages, along with substantial rice donations to support local Cambodian families in need.

The two-week itinerary also included cultural activities in Vietnam, such as visits to Sapa tribal village, a homestay with local people, and interactions with local schools. 

Since the program’s inception, the CCGS community has proudly raised over $400,000 and built 213 houses.

Exchange Program

Our student exchange program offers Year 10 students the chance to engage in a long-term, reciprocal stay with a host family. This immersive experience enables students to fully integrate into another culture, school, and family. 

This year, 20 CCGS students embraced local life in Japan, the USA, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. Throughout these experiences, students found personal growth and independence as they overcame challenges without their usual support networks, adapted to different learning styles and subjects in other schools, and built positive intercultural relationships.

CCGS students on overseas exchange program
CCGS students on exchange in America (left), Year 10 CCGS students on Exchange in Japan for 12 weeks (right).
International Tours

Over the years, our students have embarked on sports, science, performing arts, outdoor education, and cultural tours to countries such as France, Japan, China, Hawaii, Singapore, England, New Zealand, and the USA. 

In 2023, these tours included:

Performing Arts Tour, UK: A group of 52 students from Years 8 to 12, accompanied by 6 dedicated teachers, embarked on a remarkable journey to premier arts venues in London, Lancaster, and Stratford. Their experiences included dance and musical theatre classes at renowned studios like Danceworks, Thomas Page Dance and Pineapple Studios. They had the opportunity to watch ‘42nd St’ at Saddlers Wells and meet the star of the show, Adam Garcia.

CCGS students at Danceworks in the UK as part of international tour
Performing Arts Tour in the UK included a visit to the renowned Danceworks studio in London.

The tour also featured a visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company and participation in three educational workshops, among other unforgettable moments. 

French Study Tour, New Caledonia: In an exciting inaugural event, 18 students and 3 teachers embarked on a week-long French immersion program in New Caledonia. They dedicated 12 hours to French lessons at CREIPAC, a prestigious language school in Nouméa. Beyond the classroom, students honed their language skills while exploring local markets and enjoying the delightful cuisine at nearby restaurants. The tour also included captivating excursions such as a cruise to the Amédée Lighthouse, visits to Le Parc Forrestier, Tjibaou Cultural Centre, a scenic Tchou Tchou train sightseeing tour, and a heartwarming visit to a local high school. 

Incoming Tours: In addition to our outbound tours, CCGS had the privilege of hosting incoming tours from our longtime partner schools, Kanto Daiichi High School and Ueda Nishi High School in Japan. These visits offered CCGS students from across the K-12 campus a valuable opportunity to spend quality time with their Japanese peers, fostering a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and language. 

Upcoming sports tour: In April 2024, almost 50 students across rugby, hockey, netball, and futsal teams will embark on a Winter Sports Tour to Canada and Fiji. Our athletes eagerly anticipate the thrill of competing against international teams, making new friends, and experiencing local culture as they stay with host families.