A Crack-a-Lackin’ Performance!

Over 100 Year 6 students wowed audiences in this year’s Junior School production of ‘Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR’ in the CCGS Performing Arts Centre across four incredible performances.

Junior School production performances
Year 6 students perform as characters Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty (left), and students open the musical performance with 'It's Showtime' (right).

Students gave a spectacular performance as they brought popular characters including Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice, Mort and those mischievous Penguins to life! For some students, it was the very first time they had performed on stage to an audience.

Students in character on stage
The Penguins and Mason the Chimpanzee being transported in a large crate to Madagascar.
Main characters perform on stage
Year 6 students perform as characters Marty, Gloria, Alex and Melman.

Characters came to life as they ventured from Central Park Zoo to the exotic sandy shores and wild jungle of Madagascar, where we were introduced to the charismatic Lemurs who needed saving from the dreaded Foosa!

Madagascar characters on stage
Year 6 student performs as King Julien (left), and Year 6 students in character as the dreaded Foosa (right).

Spectacular choreographed musical numbers were as impressive as the outstanding set designs, and costumes and makeup on display throughout the entire performance.

Mr Lee Fleming, CCGS Director of Performing Arts, said, “It is incredible to imagine that, for many, this was their musical theatre debut of any kind – every show was handled with composure and energy,”

“Congratulations to all the students involved and the incredible staff who worked tirelessly to make theatre magic happen for our school community. Memories for a lifetime have been made for our Year 6 students,” said Mr Fleming.

Students performing in groups
Year 6 students perform as Lemurs (left), and students perform in the musical number 'Steak' (right).

Audiences enjoyed every musical performance and really liked to 'move it, move it!' with everyone on their feet singing and dancing along to the energetic choreography of singers and dancers.

Students performing in musical number
Year 6 students performing in the hit musical number 'I Like To Move It'.

“It was amazing. My favourite character was the hippo,” Ruby (9 years old).

“For their age, they surprised me big time. It was just amazing,” Rod.

“Seeing the kids have so much fun was just so enjoyable,” Chris.

“Very professional. We came all the way from Melbourne and it was worth the trip,” Greg.

“Brilliantly entertaining… just as good as any professional show I have seen in Sydney,” Paula.

Students performing in Junior School production
Year 6 students perform on stage as zoo visitors (left), and Year 6 students perform as zoo keepers and Melman the Giraffe (right).