Harmony Day celebrates diversity

Harmony Day at CCGS celebrates diversity

Harmony Day is a day of celebration dedicated to promoting Australia's cultural diversity and fostering a sense of inclusion and harmony.

At CCGS it's a time to appreciate the many different cultures that make up our rich cultural tapestry and to promote the school values of respect and inclusivity. 

Students in Junior School took part in a special parade as the school came alive with colour, music and procession. Students were encouraged to dress up in traditional clothing from their culture. It was a great opportunity to showcase creativity and pride in the different cultural heritages of CCGS.

Building a community that is valued and respected

A special School Service was held where students and teachers came together to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity with special cultural performances and speeches from students.

Banksia House Captain, Michael Lin spoke at the Harmony Day Service. "Our school is a diverse community with many students and teachers from different cultural backgrounds. This diversity is what makes our school a special place, and it's something we should be proud of. However, diversity can also bring about challenges, such as misunderstandings, stereotypes, and discrimination. That's why it's so important to promote harmony and understanding between different cultures," he said.

"We can make our school and our community a more welcoming and harmonious place by first showing respect to each other. We should avoid making assumptions about someone's culture or beliefs, and instead, ask questions and listen to their perspective. And by doing so, we can build a community where everyone feels valued and included, regardless of their background. Together, we can make a positive difference and create a better future for all," he added.

A cultural showcase

Across the Junior School, students were also given the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, or playing traditional musical instruments or they chose to give a presentation on their country or languages.

These performances allowed students to share their cultural heritage with their peers, and to learn about other cultures through music and dance.

Chinese dragon performances

An incredible Chinese dragon performance entertained Years 2 to 6. Students learned that the Chinese dragon is a symbol of China, and it is an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese dragons symbolise wisdom, power, and wealth, and they are believed to bring good luck. The workshop allowed a few lucky students to even try on the large dragon heads!

Everyone belongs

As a symbolic gesture of support for Harmony Day, students wore an orange accessory to represent the idea that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or cultural background and to appreciate the unique contributions that each culture brings to Australian society.