Hello, Head Prefects 2023!

Head Prefects 2023

Our new Head Prefects Annabelle King and Matthew Trethewy are all about inclusion, positivity and supporting every student from Kindergarten through to Year 12. We sat down with them to find out what makes them tick.  

What does the position of Head Prefect mean to you?

Annabelle: When I reflect on my past six years at CCGS, I was heavily influenced by positive student leaders; especially Head Prefects. Being Head Prefect allows me to contribute to the continuum of positive student leadership and influence, strengthening the CCGS community. It is not purely a label, but a reward of responsibility; to be a voice for the student body and a source of support. 

Matthew: To be the Head Prefect means I can work to give everyone a voice within the school community and develop a welcoming and positive environment. As someone who has struggled with Tourette’s Syndrome for most of my life and felt like I never truly fit in, to now be in a position of leadership where I can inspire people like me and show that anyone can wear the badge, is what I’m most proud of and excited for.

What is something not many people know about you?

Annabelle: I lived overseas in Singapore for nine years and studied at an international school. 

Matthew: I started writing a diary two years ago titled ‘My journey to Everest’. I hope to one day scale to the summit and leave the diary - a perfect log of my entire journey.

If you were a teacher, what would you teach?

Annabelle: PDHPE or Modern History.

Matthew: Probably Mathematics. I would like to actually enjoy doing maths for once!

Who do you most admire and why?

Annabelle: Jacinta Adern has been a guiding role model for me, she represents a well-rounded leader who is making ground-breaking progress as a female in politics. Her decisive leadership style creates an efficient community that can operate in harmony. I’ve always viewed her leadership abilities as admirable, but specifically her equal balance of officiality and approachability. 

Matthew: My father. Throughout my life my dad has acted as my ladder and supported me through each rung as I have grown up, building me into the person I am today. From my earliest memories my dad has always been a figure of passion, commitment and compassion and constantly thinks of other before himself. In fact, he was school captain in Year 12 and inspired me to go for the position. He has been my number one supporter from day one and I will love him forever.

What is your favourite CCGS memory (so far)?

Annabelle: Despite COVID putting a halt to activities such as exchange or international tours, CCGS found a way to continue to create memories. Through the restriction of ‘bigger’ projects, I’ve come to appreciate the small memories that occur daily. Interactions within the classroom and playground have become increasingly valuable as our final year approaches. 

Matthew: On a drama excursion to the production of Dorian Grey, the show was cancelled last minute. We were already in Sydney so, with a burrito in one hand and a phone up to his ear in the other, Mr Fleming made phone call after phone call to the Capitol Theatre box office negotiating 60 plus tickets to a matinee performance of 9 to 5. ‘Mother Flem’ was the nickname we gave him after we sat comfortably in the nose bleeds at the Capitol Theatre two hours later.