House Music Festival showcases diverse talent

The first-ever CCGS House Music Festival has shown us that a love for music and performance is very much a part of the CCGS DNA.

Whether students had just started learning or were seasoned music pros, there was a place for everyone to share their musical talents, ambitions and dreams. The festival saw 175 entries from Kindergarten through to Year 12 - with many submissions performed at home while the state of NSW was still in lockdown.

Professional adjudicators, including the likes of world-renowned concert pianist Simon Tedeschi, reviewed all entries and provided valuable feedback for every student.

Mr Chris Hunt, Director of Instrumental Music at CCGS said, "Our adjudicators are some of Australia's most highly regarded musicians and educators. We are incredibly fortunate to have their involvement, and for their tips and advice. It was equally exciting to have alumni Geoffrey O'Reilly on board. He was the School's first-ever Music Scholarship recipient and now plays in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra."

House Music Festival

House Festival

House Music Festival


Claire Edwardes, Percussionist and Artistic Director of Ensemble Offspring, "I wanted to congratulate all the drummers and percussionists - young and old - who participated in the House Music Festival competition. I was so impressed with all of you and the commitment you showed. Congratulations to all of you."

Simon said, "It was a real pleasure listening to all of you play for the music festival. Thank you for giving me your musical performances to listen to. It was a tremendous honour."

Simon gave all our performers a piece of advice to take away, "Practice attentively and with your ears. Try and get the connection between ear and body. The piano is a singing instrument so one should always listen to oneself practice as this will have amazing benefits for your performances."

Winners and placings in several categories from group performance to piano, drums and percussion to jazz and blues were announced at a special dedicated class time.

Points were awarded to each of the CCGS Houses for participation and overall House placings. Congratulations to Banksia who took out the Junior School and Senior School House awards as well as the House Spirit. 

Mr Hunt added, "We have thoroughly enjoyed the amazing range of entries and depth of talent. Everyone who entered is now part of our school history. Bravo!"