Introducing Head Prefects 2024

CCGS Head Prefects standing together with Headmaster Bill Low
Head Prefects Harry Mangos and Skye Gerrish with Headmaster Bill Low

Harry Mangos and Skye Gerrish have been named as CCGS's Head Prefects for 2024. Learn a bit more about them and what makes them perfect for the role - some of their responses might surprise you!

When did you start at CCGS?

Harry: Year 7
Skye: Kindergarten

What activities or hobbies are you passionate about?

Harry: Soccer and piano.
Skye: Anything sports related, especially netball and basketball. When I’m not playing sport my favourite place to be is the beach. I love anything associated with water, from water skiing and wakeboarding to surfing and sunrise swims. 

What is something not many people know about you?

Harry: I have an intense fear of ants. I can handle spiders or sharks just fine but can't stand having an ant crawling up my leg.
Skye: Every morning I have a cold shower. Most of my friends think I am crazy, but for me it’s the best way to start the day. 

What has your leadership philosophy been shaped by?

Harry: Growing up watching my soccer team Liverpool play, witnessing how the coach can get the best out of their players through encouragement, inspiration and treating each member of the team as an individual. 
Skye: Something my nan told me, “Always leave a situation or conversation with the other person feeling better about themselves than they did before”. Whenever my nan enters a room, she brightens the space and everyone in it. To me, that is what leadership is all about. It’s not about badges and titles, it’s about positively empowering the people around you to reach their full potential. I believe it is often the smallest of actions, like a motivating compliment, or an encouraging smile, that can have the most profound impact on an individual.

Where do you hope to be in five years’ time?

Harry: I hope to have completed my astrophysics degree and be presented with a multitude of potential career paths that can kick start the rest of my life. 
Skye: I hope to have started university somewhere near the beach, pursuing a career I am truly passionate about. I also hope I will have backpacked through many countries, immersing myself in different cultures to broaden my perspective and gain a greater understanding of the world I live in. This is something I have dreamt about doing for as long as I can remember. 

What is the legacy you hope to leave as a Head Prefect?

Harry: I hope to leave a lasting positive impact on individuals, year groups and the wider CCGS culture. If I can create some long-term benefits, this will be more than I could have dreamed of arriving for my first day of Year 7.
Skye: I believe compassion and humility are at the core of fostering an environment that allows students to thrive. When students across all age groups feel valued and supported by their peers, there is space for them to discover their full potential, and focus on what is important, creating goals, and following their dreams. I believe it is the possibility of having a dream come true, that makes life exciting.