James Bayliss: alumni profile

CCGS alumni James Bayliss

What has been your path since graduating from CCGS in 2018?

After graduating I knew that football was what I wanted to pursue and make a career out of. From 2019 - 2021 I was playing in the Central Coast Mariners National Premier League (NPL) side under Nick Montgomery and Sergio Raimundo (now coaches of the A-League team). During that time I was also working at Aubrey Brown Lawyers as an office junior a couple of days a week after training in the morning. 

What do you love about playing professional football?

I love winning. Although I have only been a part of a few wins so far, the feeling after a game with a good result is priceless. Battling with your teammates and coming away with a win, there is nothing better in my opinion. Also seeing how proud my Mum is in seeing me achieve my lifelong goal of playing professional football.

What is the proudest moment from your post-school life?

The proudest moment for me post-school life would be making my A-League debut a few months ago. It has been something I have dreamed about since I was a little kid and really was a very special moment for my family and myself.

Which trait has been most vital in helping you succeed?

Persistence is probably the first one that comes to mind. It definitely wasn’t smooth sailing, there have been plenty of times when I haven’t been picked for a team and just needed to accept it and move on and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

CCGS alumni James Bayliss on the field

Outside of football, what are you passionate about?

Outside of football, I’ve found a passion for reading (something I wish I enjoyed when I was at school). There is so much to learn from those who have been on similar paths to you and being able to see what they did to become successful is great because you can take the bits you like and apply them to your own life. I have also really taken an interest in investing and money management. I am studying part time at Macquarie University doing a Bachelor of Economics and I am really enjoying the content involved in that as well.

What are your top 3 recommended reads?

1. Shoe Dog - Phil Knight 
2. Atomic Habits - James Clear
3. Hang Time: Days And Dreams With Michael Jordan - Bob Greene

What CCGS experience or achievement most prepared you for where you are today?

When I was at school I really had to manage my time well and plan when I would be able to do homework around my training time. I would often miss the last period of school to go to training so I would have to follow up with teachers on what work I’d miss and then plan to catch up so I wouldn’t fall behind. The CCGS teachers were always extremely supportive providing me with the work that I had missed. It is similar now with training taking up the majority of the day, I need to plan when I will do Uni work and fulfil any other obligations I have.