Life beyond school

CCGS Year 12 cohort 2021

2021 was a year unlike any other, especially for our Year 12 students. Separated from friends and teachers, the need to stay motivated while locked down and studying by screen at home, combined with the uncertainty as to when the HSC exams would take place, provided some challenging conditions for their final year of school.

However, CCGS students continued to take full advantage of every opportunity offered by their incredibly supportive and dedicated teachers and showed resilience, persistence, and tenacity in the lead up to their exams. Despite the hardships along the way, our students gained an inner strength and self-belief that will equip them well for life after school. 

As our 2021 Year 12 students close the chapter on school life, their post school life begins. We are excited to follow their journeys and see what’s install next for our incredible students.

Post school pathways

  • Over 85% of CCGS students received university degree offers before HSC results were released. 
  • Macquarie University and the University of Newcastle were popular destination choices for students, along with the University of Sydney, ANU Canberra, UTS and CSU to name just a few.
  • Some students will also attend universities further afield within Australia including La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne and 3 students will travel to universities in the USA, Canada and Germany.
  • Students have chosen to study in fields such as commerce and business, health, engineering, science, law, media communication, computer science, criminology, education, politics, design and innovation, psychology and more.

Graduate profiles

CCGS alumni Tim Wilkins, Ashleigh Eurell and Jack Quinlan

Tim Wilkins

Tim received early offers for both a Bachelor of Medical Science at the ANU and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Newcastle, however his goal was to gain a 95 ATAR that would grant him entry into the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. Tim achieved his desired ATAR and is now enrolled in what he describes as his dream course, living and studying in Melbourne. Tim is planning on completing his degree in 2024, then taking a gap year to travel before pursuing further studies in medicine or biomedical research.

Ashleigh Eurell

During Year 12, Ashleigh was accepted into Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Tasmania. However, after much consideration she decided to change degrees and follow her passion for helping the environment, a passion she says was realised and fuelled in Earth and Environmental classes and was accepted into a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science. 

Ashleigh describes the degree as “one of a kind in Australia and is offered at one of the best places in the world for temperate marine studies due to being surrounded by the Southern Ocean.” This degree has direct pathways with Antarctica and will provide her the opportunity to travel there for research purposes. 

Jack Quinlan

Having always had a passion for innovation, it felt natural for Jack to head into engineering. His insatiable curiosity in a variety of fields has led him to Software Engineering at the University of Sydney as the endless applications of software, to nearly every industry, sets up a strong foundation for innovation in the future.

Jack credits the rich variety of cocurricular at CCGS as essential in helping him develop strong foundations in his engineering skillset. From communication in debating and public speaking, to programming and teamwork in robotics club, Jack shares that “these opportunities foster the professional soft skills I will use for the rest of my life.”

In addition to his studies, Jack has joined a variety of university societies with a humanitarian, entrepreneurial or engineering focus. 

CCGS alumni Anna Battersby, Max Rattray and Mia Turner

Anna Battersby

Anna received an early offer for a Bachelor of Business Studies. Of this early offer, Anna has said “This early offer did not affect my HSC preparation. Although it was comforting knowing I would have a direct pathway into university, business was not what I had my mind set on. This made me continue preparing for the HSC thoroughly to achieve results that would open many doors and extend my opportunities for university education.”

After the release of the ATAR Anna accepted an offer for a Bachelor of Paramedicine due to her strong interest in the medical/health field and fascination in careers which require hands-on, practical work.

As Anna's ATAR exceeded her expectation she has since made the decision to pursue a career path in veterinary science. However, as she did not complete any science subjects in Year 11 and 12 her plans for 2022 are to begin a Bachelor of Science in Semester 2 then enter a post-graduate veterinary degree. 

Max Rattray

Max completed a lengthy application process in order to be considered for an early offer place at the ANU for a flexible double degree in a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Political Science, requiring an 85 ATAR. Max continued to study hard and received an ATAR over 94, allowing him to switch to a double degree in Commerce (majoring in finance) and Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Of his 2022 plans Max has said “To be honest, my plans for 2022 are to have as much fun as possible after having so many enjoyable experiences taken from me in Years 11 and 12 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I also intend on studying hard and passing all my classes, as well as learning new things and trying new hobbies.”

Mia Turner

Mia received early entry offers for Actuarial Studies at ANU and Macquarie University, as well as for Engineering at UTS. Despite receiving so many early offers Mia has said the early offers did not affect her HSC preparation in anyway as “I was committed to putting all my hard work from the past two years into practice and doing the best that I could.”

Mia decided upon a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University as this was the degree and university she had always been aiming for due to its amazing actuarial program.

CCGS alumni Olivia Stewart and Ailbhe Doyle

Olivia Stewart

During the HSC exam period, Olivia received an early entry offer into Newcastle University's Bachelor of Oral Health Therapies, which was her first preference.

“Oral health definitely isn't for everyone, but it was the process of transition that I experienced with orthodontics, allowing me to love my smile even more and the ability to help others feel the same, which truly resonates with me”, shared Olivia.

In addition to her degree Olivia is also working part time as a dental assistant. By 2024 Olivia plans to be a qualified Oral Health Therapist and hopes to start practising immediately before travelling or studying specialised dentistry full-time.

Ailbhe Doyle

Ailbhe has been accepted in the prestigious UTS Bachelor of Information Technology Co-op Scholarship. The scholarship is aimed towards students with high academic achievements who have a passion for technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 

Having completed both HSC courses for Information Processes Technology and Software Design Development, Ailbhe was able to build a portfolio for the initial online application stage for two scholarships: the BIT Co-op (Bachelor of IT) and the WiEIT Co-op (Women in Engineering and IT). Following the online application, Ailbhe was selected for an interview held by one of the sponsoring companies (IBM, Reserve Bank of Australia) and a member of UTS Engineering/IT faculty. Her high ATAR then secured her position to receive 1 of just 30 placements.

Ailbhe is looking forward to studying (without a HECs debt) and gaining real world experience through the sponsor companies industry placements. Ailbhe says “I’m not certain which branch of information technology I will take as there are so many options to choose from - cybersecurity, networking, enterprise systems development, business information systems management – however upon completion of my degree at the end of 2024 I’ll either work full-time with one of the sponsor companies or possibly travel beyond Australia with this reputable degree to work in the UK, USA or Europe.”