Meet our new Head Prefects

Head Prefects hope to make change for good

2020 and 2021 have certainly presented their fair of challenges. We chatted with our new Head Prefects 2021/2022 Emma Parmeter and Loïc Mallet to discover how they hope to bring positivity and cohesion to the school as role models, helping hands and a friend to everyone. 

What does the position of Head Prefect mean to you?

Loïc: To me being Head Prefect means that I’ve been given the honour to represent the students and the opportunity to genuinely make a positive change within our school community. I will strive to create an environment of cohesion and positivity that I hope will outlast my time here at CCGS.  

Emma: Being awarded this position has been an extremely fulfilling and surreal experience as it means that I am now able to represent and give back to the school that welcomed me in with open arms back in Year 5, and has continued to support and care for me as I’ve grown into the person I am today. 

What do you think makes a good role model?

Loïc: A good role model leads by example; he or she is a leader not a boss and uses acquired knowledge and experience to aid, guide, inspire and mentor instead of exerting a sense of command.  A role model is someone I can look up to and turn to for guidance or advice no matter what the issue. It’s someone who commits to having a balanced and unbiased viewpoint.

Emma: It may sound generic, but I honestly believe that a good role model is someone who ‘walks the talk’. It is extremely easy for anyone to put forth ideas that sound amazing on paper; however, it takes a good role model to then put in the effort and dedication needed to see their ideas manifest into something greater than themselves. 

How do you hope to serve the CCGS community?

Loïc: Throughout the next year, I hope to serve the CCGS community by implementing new initiatives which create a stronger bond amongst the different cohorts. If each student can strengthen their solid support network of teachers, trusted adults and older and younger students it will be beneficial to everyone. I’ll strive to ensure that all voices of my fellow classmates feel heard. I want to be a positive role model - someone who instils trust and conveys that it is not difficult to be a nice person.

Emma: I hope to serve the CCGS community by being a voice for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12, as our students are the heart of our school. This is an incredible privilege. I will be able to funnel my peers’ ideas, thoughts, and desires into physical implementations and build upon our already wonderful community. 

Looking forward to the end of Year 12 in 2022, how would you like to be remembered as Head Prefects?

Loïc: After my departure from CCGS I would like to be remembered as the Head Prefect that anyone from any year group could come to, no matter what the issue. I want to be the person that was always ready to lend a hand to others and get involved within the community. As much as I’d love to be remembered as a positive leader and a role model, my primary goal is to be remembered as a friend in the best possible way, to all students here at CCGS.

Emma: My primary goal is to be known and remembered as the girl that was there - there at every carnival, there in every amazing cocurricular opportunity, there at every school event, and there for anyone and everyone who needed me. I’ll strive to be a voice for the students that make CCGS the incredible school that it is.