A once in a lifetime experience

In 2023, CCGS partnered with Sunrise Cambodia, hosting a teacher for a two-week study tour at our school. Throughout their time, Cambodian teacher, Rasy, observed and took part in lessons across our Junior and Senior Schools, learning from dedicated teachers to enhance his teaching experience.

Before Rasy returned to Cambodia and his students, we sat down to ask him about his experiences at CCGS.

Cambodia teacher with CCGS student in the classroom

How have you found CCGS as a school?

CCGS is more than just a school. It not only teaches students a formal education but also teaches them morality and humanitarian values.

What has your experience been like these past two weeks observing our teachers?

I have learned a lot - from junior classes to the senior classes. The teachers help to build a student’s ownership and responsibility for their own learning and the student’s learning objective is clearly seen at the end of each class. Each lesson is broken down into smaller chunks, which not only helps them to engage and accomplish, but also makes them motivated and enthusiastic to join each activity throughout the lesson.

How have you found our classrooms and the way our teachers conduct their lessons?

Teaching is not only providing the students an answer but far more about hand on activities because they are given full supporting supplementary materials, digital learning tool and especially with full of lap experimental tools to have reflection on the theories which have been taught.

What are the top three learnings are you taking away from your teaching experience?

First and the foremost, to break the lesson into chunks which helps the students be able to achieve the objectives and it’s not boring as well because not all kids have longer attention span.
Secondly, introduce think-pair-share strategy, for our kids to build relationships and interact with their peers more. They can learn from people around them not only to check and confirm their answers, but to be more self-responsible.

Third, but not the least important, is to build humanity in our kids.

Is there anything that stands out from what you have seen from our teachers?

The students always act as role models, whether it be to class in time or respecting one another.

What has been your most enjoyable part of these past two weeks?

Each week there is a chance for all staff (from management to teaching) to all join in the break room and share news and learnings.

I thank CCGS for their warm hospitality and kind support. I am extremely grateful for what I can take back with me to my classroom and students.