Set to serve our community 2022

Community Service at CCGS gives Year 10 students an opportunity to step up, lead and serve others.

Our students work hard to help make a difference by supporting organisations, running donation drives, or raising important awareness.

Getting involved in charitable causes and social issues that students are passionate about helps build and drive change. Individuals realise their own abilities and are empowered and supported to meet challenges and make positive contributions to the community.

Let’s look at some of the projects that the students were involved in for 2022.

Furniture refurbishment

Community Service Project - Furniture Restoration

The mission for Lucas, Lincoln, Leo, Luke and Anthony was to help the community by repairing and refurbishing unused chairs and donating them back to organisations that could use them.

One student noted, “We wanted to help a charity whilst also cleaning up the community and recycling unwanted furniture”. Tapping into their skills and passion for woodworking, the students were able to come up with some amazing pieces of furniture and turned trash into treasure for a great cause.

Donations for paws

Paws for a cause

Students Sherry, Gene and Eden had a goal to organise donations to the SoCares Pet Shelter. With a combined love of animals and handcrafted gifts, this was a goal that they knew they could make a difference in.

“We asked for donations including tennis balls, blankets and unused kitten litters to provide animals in the pet shelter a better living environment.” Said Gene.

They also organised a campaign for ‘DIY Donations’ where you could follow tutorials for crochet and DIY pet toys across YouTube for the school community to access and get involved in.

SoCares Central Coast Animal Shelter posted, “These beautiful girls from Central Coast Grammar School surprised us with cookies and some dog toys and food that they have collected from their school. Such a lovely gesture and very much appreciated.”

Crochet beanies for Cancer

Community Service - Crochet for Cancer

Sofia, Lea, Yasmeen and Jessica put their creative skills to the test and crocheted beanies for Cancer and newborn babies.

The beanies were beautifully presented and donated to the ICON Cancer Centre and Born on the Edge charity that helps support newborn babies – improving newborn healthcare worldwide.

Staff at Icon had this to say about their donation, “Hi, we recently received some beautifully knitted beanies from three of your amazing year 10 students. These were a very special donation that our cancer patients have just loved! I was hoping to communicate this heartfelt appreciation to the students who attended ICON Cancer Centre on behalf of your school.”

Kit for Kandy

Kits ready for donation to go to Kandy

Daniel, Josh, Lukas, Harry and Henjo collected old and unwanted cricket gear and sent it to Kandy in Sri Lanka.

They collected cricket bats, balls, batting pads, stumps, helmets and more and used local sporting clubs’ social media channels to also promote the drive to give back to cricket clubs in Sri Lanka.

The students were thrilled with the outcome as they had collected nearly 500 shirts and jerseys, 32 hats, 40 balls and bats and much, much more.

Understanding that there are people in the world that do not have access to the facilities or the means to purchase was a huge driver in this initiative. Giving back to athletes in need is something they were very passionate about and the community of Black Eagles Cricket Club was thrilled to receive the gear.

Strong hearts

Community Service - giving hand made hearts

Crocheting hearts to give to children or people in need, to put a smile on someone’s face that may be struggling was the goal behind this initiative.

Maddy and Carita wanted to give a little something that could mean a lot and remind people to keep fighting no matter what their struggle may be.

The hearts and other thoughtful gifts were donated to KidsPoint Paediatrics Practice in Mingara as well as to firefighters on the Central Coast. The students said, “We learned that children of all ages struggle with mental health difficulties and occasionally just need someone to talk to.”

Other community service projects ranged from Wands for Wildlife, Hawkesbury River Clean-up, Ocean Environment Awareness and more.

Well done to all our Year 10 students who put a lot of time, dedication and thought into giving back to the community.