Sunny: a day in the life

Sunny our Wellbeing dog

Sunny the dog, our CCGS wellbeing ambassador celebrated her first birthday in March. We follow Sunny, our Australian Cobberdog, to discover what she gets up to on a typical day at CCGS and how she has quickly become a ray of sunshine for everyone.

Eat, Play, Learn

7am. Wakey, wakey. It’s time to rise and shine! A nice big breakfast helps to fuel the day ahead.

8.30am. Time to welcome students and help any children who feel a bit worried or anxious about leaving mum or dad. A quick game of ball, and a couple of ear scratches before heading into Chambers Administration.

Sunny preps for the day

9am. Briefing with Mr Low, Headmaster to discuss plans for the day.

Sunny with Headmaster Bill Low

9.30am. Head to the Library and listen to Year 6 students read.

“Older students often don’t get a chance to read out loud. It is an important and essential skill for expression, rhythm and confidence. Sunny will sit very patiently and really enjoys being with the students," says Mrs Nadia Merchant, Head of Library and Information Services. "Sunny creates a safe environment for them to tackle those tricky words and work on expression. She is a fantastic addition to our literacy program."

Sunny reading with the children in the Library

10.30am. Time for a quick snack and snooze before heading to PDHPE.

Run like a su-paw-star

11.30am. Feeling energised, Sunny joins Mr Ryan Doherty’s Year 9 PDHPE lesson. It’s a chance to let off some steam, practice a few zoomies and show the students what ‘running fast’ really means.

Mr Doherty says, “Sunny brings an extra special energy that has even the most reluctant sportsperson moving and having fun. Sunny shows the kids that sport is about giving something a go and trying something new. It’s hard to resist Sunny’s enthusiasm and our students really enjoy her company.” 

Sunny having a run during Sport

12.20pm. It’s lunchtime, an opportunity to sit down and relax. Sunny sits outside with some of the School Administration team.

Mrs Niamh Cox, Junior School Admin Manager says, “Sunny is great for student wellbeing, and she is equally important for staff too. We all love to give her a pat. She’s a calming influence on our busy days and always brings a smile to everyone’s faces.”

12.45pm. Time for a rest.

Sunny the school dog takes a nap

1.50pm. Meeting with Dr Kylie McIntyre, School Psychologist who takes Sunny and another student for a walk around the grounds.

“Initially I started using Sunny in a physical framework. We know that if we can get kids outside exercising then they will start to feel better about themselves. Now Sunny helps us socially as well. She creates a connection so we can build a rapport with kids. They open up about the concerns and problems they are experiencing. Sunny has become that bridge to help us give others the support they need.”

2.30pm. Last period of the day and it’s a chance to hang out in the Year 12 Common Room. HSC preparation can be tough going so it’s important to take time to focus on your own wellbeing. Students take Sunny for some pats and tickles. Everyone leaves the day feeling relaxed and Sunny feels very loved.

Fur the love of sleep

4pm. Time to head home with Mrs Kate Yelds, Headmaster PA and Sunny’s primary carer. Sunny sneaks in a quick walk before having some dinner. Then Sunny catches up on her favourite show ‘The Dog House’.

7pm. It’s been a busy day! Straight to bed to catch some well-earned zzzz’s. Night night Sunny. Sweet dreams.