Welcome Sunny to CCGS

Welcome Sunny to CCGS

Our school dog Sunny will be a great addition to education and wellbeing activities across the school, spreading smiles, love and happiness.

She is an Australian Cobberdog with a friendly and loving temperament. She has a low shedding coat, making her hypo allergenic. Although just a puppy, she will quickly learn what life is like within the CCGS community.

Over the past few years, growing research has seen an increase in the implementation of animals, such as dogs, in education and care settings.

Mr William Low, Headmaster, “We believe a dog can help enhance wellbeing across the campus. Sunny will be a special friend to all and we’re excited to see the positive outcomes her presence will bring.”

She will assist staff and students with empathy, kindness, self-confidence, communication, anxiety and much more.

Sunny will familiarise herself in the School and demonstrate some of the skills she has been learning as part of her training before heading into learning environments.

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