Bowling the perfect 300!

Most of us consider ourselves pretty lucky if we manage to score a couple of strikes in a game of tenpin bowling. Imagine bowling 12 strikes in a row to score the perfect score of 300! That’s exactly what William Clark (Year 12) has just achieved for the second time.

Will bowls the perfect score during competition

With over nine years of professional coaching, practice and experience in the game - William’s score certainly wasn’t just a lucky fluke! “I won’t lie, scoring 300 is pretty difficult,” said William. “It’s only the second time I’ve been able to do it during competition!”

William is a member of the Warners Bay Bowling League, is professionally coached and is certainly a star on the rise. In his relatively short tenpin bowling career, he’s made two NSW Youth Teams (Under 21), was Vice Captain of the NSW President Shield Team in 2016, and was a member of the 2016 Asian Schools Team that competed in the Asian Schools tournament in Hong Kong. He’s recently been announced as the Captain of the Boys NSW President Shield Team for 2017.

“I have fairly high aspirations for my bowling career,” said William. “I’d really like to pursue the sport professionally and whilst it's increasing in popularity in Australia, it’s really big business in America. I’m hoping that after the HSC I can attend more international tournaments and gain a scholarship to study and bowl in the United States.”

I've got my sights set on an international bowling career - and maybe one day even the Olympics! - Will Clark, Year 12 student

“There’s a bit of a push within the sport to include bowling in the Summer Olympics,” said William. “Although the bid failed for inclusion into the 2020 Olympics, we’re hopeful that it could make the 2024 Olympics. It’s definitely a dream of mine to bowl at that level.”