Friendship Ninjas Master The Art Of Kindness

The CCGS Junior School playground has been infiltrated by ninjas - Friendships Ninjas to be precise!

Spreading the school values of kindness, inclusivity and respect, over 50 CCGS Year 6 students have been volunteering their lunchtimes to complete a duty in the K-2 playground areas. These volunteers have been assisting students to make connections by initiating games and other fun activities and modelling respectful friendships.

Friendship Ninjas
Year 6 'Friendship Ninjas' in the Junior School playground at lunchtime with K-2 students.

“These students assist with friendship by using URSTRONG language and implementing games to grow connections with students,” Mrs Megan Sproats, CCGS Year 3 teacher.

Students displaying great friendship behaviours are awarded points for their class, with the winning class given the Friendship Ninja trophy each week at assembly.

“We started with a small group of Year 5 Lunch Club Leaders who set up tables with games to help those who needed assistance in keeping busy at lunch and finding friends to hang around with,” Mrs Bronwyn Donnelly, CCGS Year 5 teacher.

"We're so proud of the leadership and responsibility shown by our Year 6 Ninjas and Year 5 Lunch Club Leaders and the help they are giving our younger students to connect with each other," Mrs Donnelly said.

Friendship Ninja Thank You
'Friendship Ninjas' playing games with K-2 in the playground (left), 'Friendship Ninjas' receive a thank you card from students (right).