Halle Osborn: alumni profile

Halle Osborn

Inspired by her Junior School teachers at CCGS, alumna Halle Osborn has been studying Primary Education at Macquarie University. As part of her final placement, Halle recently spent three weeks at CCGS alongside Kindergarten teacher Mrs Nicole Morrison. Here she gained valuable real-world insights into classroom management and curriculum delivery.

Mr Damon Cooper, CCGS's Deputy Head, Teaching, Learning and Data Analytics said "Student-teachers are the future of the teaching profession. We want to make sure we help them learn the critical skills they need before they step into their own classroom for the first time." 

"Our teachers are expert practitioners and practical placements, such as the kind Halle recently completed, provide our staff with the opportunity to share their experience and skills with the next generation of teachers," Mr Cooper added.

Halle took time out from leading Kindergarten in a mathematics experiment so that we could discover more about why she wanted to pursue a career in teaching and hear her impressions of being back at CCGS.

What's been keeping you busy since you graduated?

I've been studying Primary Education at Macquarie University. Last year I achieved my Conditional Teacher Accreditation, enabling me to teach casually at various schools while studying part-time. This has allowed me to obtain professional, practical experience teaching and save money for travelling - another thing that I am very passionate about. I also enjoy playing netball for my local team and reading, two hobbies I picked up as a young student at CCGS. 

How does it feel to be back at CCGS, this time in the role of a teacher?

It definitely feels different! It has been amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes to give the students of CCGS such a positive educational experience. The transition from student to teacher has not been as hard a challenge as I thought it would be, due to the great processes, people and culture at CCGS. The sense of community that I have experienced in my role as a teacher has been just as welcoming as it was when I was a student. 

What aspects of the school are familiar or nostalgic for you?

The most nostalgic area of the school for me is the library. It had just been built when I was a student and everyone was positively thrilled about it. It was my favourite facility back then and it is so wonderful to see now from a teacher’s perspective how hard the library team works to foster a love of literature. Some of the teachers that taught me as a student are still here teaching. It has been a fantastic experience to see them again, and I have even had the privilege of being able to observe them teaching.

Halle in action teaching Kindergarten during her practical placement
CCGS alumna Halle Osborn completed eight weeks of practical teaching in Kindy

What’s changed the most about the school since your own CCGS days?

The new Junior School! Every day that I come in to teach, I am in awe of just how incredible this new campus is. I had reservations at first about the pod and flexible design, however I was pleasantly surprised at how well they work in creating a collaborative teaching and learning environment. It is an inspiring place to work and a priviledge to teach there. 

Are there any specific teachers or experiences from your time as a student here that have influenced your teaching approach or philosophy?

Absolutely! It was the teachers at CCGS that inspired me to pursue teaching as a career. In particular Mr Steve Dunstan, Miss Fiona Grant and Mrs Sonja Holden. These teachers always went above and beyond to create the most positive learning experience for their students and it is the kind of teacher I strive to be every day. Their impact on me has been profound and lasting and I am forever grateful for their influence.

Another experience that has influenced my approach to teaching is the school’s focus on well-rounded education through specialty subjects. When I was a student at CCGS, I was passionate about music and played the flute in the Junior School band. I was very fortunate to receive the opportunity to be taught music by professional musicians and I think it is great that the teachers at CCGS can get involved with various clubs and cocurricular activities as part of their teaching role. In my future career, I hope to do the same.

Halle with CCGS Teachers Mr Dunstan and Ms Grant
Halle with CCGS teachers Mr Steve Dunstan and Ms Fiona Grant who were her inspiration to become a teacher

Looking ahead, what are your goals as a future educator and how do you plan to achieve them?

My main goal as an educator is to teach my own class. From all of my casual teaching experience, I am ready to take on the challenge of this next step in my teaching career. I plan to achieve this by continuing to build relationships at schools that I admire and applying for as many opportunities as possible.