Inaugural Grammies Celebrate CCGS Heroes

The inaugural CCGS Grammie Awards recognised a different type of excellence, celebrating and bringing to the spotlight our everyday heroes. They are the people around us who might not rank first in a subject, might not make the Firsts in their sporting team, but they show up, live out our values and treat others with respect every day.

260 students participated and 57 different staff were nominated. But it was not a popularity contest. Staff looked at the reasons for the nominations, not the number, with six students and two teachers ultimately selected to be officially recognised at assembly.

“The response from students just blew us away,” said Nathan Stephenson, Deputy Head of Middle School.

“Being recognised by your peers for your everyday actions is the biggest accolade you can get. As a Middle School team we are always exploring ways to increase inclusion, celebrate our school values and empower student voice.

“Such a fantastic response highlighted the incredible connection between teachers and students, between students and their peers, and just how much we all value this connection,” Mr Stephenson said.  


Year 7

Suri: for her overwhelming kindness, resilience and ability to bring a smile to other people’s faces.

Tom: for his all round, nice guy attributes. Showing compassion and empathy as well as his energy and enthusiasm.

Year 8

Sara: for her kindness, respect and empathy. She offers help to others in need, cares about other people and looks to help them solve their problems.

Marcus: for his ability to give a compliment to others, show respect and care to everyone- both students and teaches – and to stand up for what is right.

Year 9

Coco: for her resilience, effort and the amount of respect she receives. She’s humble, patient and kind, and when things get tough, she works harder.

Tim: for always offering his time in service to the school and undertaking a huge co-curricular commitment.


Known for her humour, enthusiasm, compassion in the classroom, English teacher Mrs Owen was awarded her for her overwhelming kindness and the respect she gains through knowing her subject, and making the time and effort to make it real for her students. 

The second award went to Innovative Learning/Digital Literacy Coordinator, Mr Cameron for his ability to connect to his students, understand their needs and communicate with them. Student’s said they feel a deep respect for him as an expert in his subject.