Keira Rumble: alumni profile

Woman with blonde hair sitting and smiling

Keira Rumble is the powerhouse founder and CEO of Australia’s first brand offering a 360-degree approach to beauty and wellbeing, from topical skincare to ingestible supplements and a hydration support drink.   

She’s just come back from China where she was invited by Investment NSW to take part in the China International Import Expo.

What has your path been since graduating?

I moved to Sydney after graduating and started university. After realising that wasn’t for me, I decided to take a leap of faith and start a career. I started out in real estate then moved into digital marketing. 

However, after being diagnosed pre-diabetic I was catapulted into the world of nutrition and wellness, which then led me to create my first product line of healthy snacks. I was creating products in my kitchen and supplying to local cafes, which quickly grew to a commercial kitchen and 60 retailers. After a few short months I knew I needed to commercialise the product and brand, which led me into the world of manufacturing (the good and the bad!). 

Within three weeks of Krumbled Foods officially launching our first product – our collagen Beauty Bites – we had already hit our target for sales for the whole year. 
That was nearly six years ago. We now have three brands (Krumbled Foods, Habitual Beauty and Mini + Me), 3,000 stockists Australia-wide and an incredible team of 10 who are all mums based on the Central Coast. 

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur/business owner?

I don’t think it really came to mind in my early 20’s. Having grown up seeing my dad have his own business, I saw the hard work and endless hours that was needed, along with the sacrifices he made along the way. 

My hobby began as a way to solve a problem that I had – finding a healthy snack option that wasn’t full of sugar. It wasn’t until this hobby turned into a business that I had a bit of a ‘lightbulb’ moment where I thought, I could turn this into a career. 

How did the idea for your second brand Habitual Beauty come about?

While undergoing IVF, it was recommended that I switch to clean, non-toxic skincare. I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting results using these products, so the idea to create a clean beauty range that also delivered results was born. 

I was incredibly lucky to be selected to represent Australia in the global Sephora accelerate bootcamp where I got to learn from some of the industry’s best. It was definitely a pinch me moment launching with Sephora and seeing Habitual Beauty in store.

Of your three businesses Krumbled Foods, Habitual Beauty and Mini + Me, which are you most proud of and why?

Hard question, I love them all equally!

Getting national ranging for Krumbled Foods in Priceline for launch, then Coles 9 months later and now Chemist Warehouse has all been pretty incredible. Walking down the aisles and seeing our products on the shelves is still surreal. 

Mini + Me our newest brand is close to my heart. All my products have come a result of a personal experience, but after suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe vomiting and nausea) during pregnancy, I knew I wanted to develop something to support women on their parenthood journey – this is how Hydramama Hydration Support came to be.

Something I am so proud of right now is our new manufacturing facility right here on the Central Coast where we produce all products within the Krumbled Group brands.

I’ve always dreamed of creating a hub where the fulfillment and manufacturing of our products are on site.

What quality do you think is most valuable for an entrepreneur to have?

I think it comes down to determination for a lot of things, however finding something you are truly passionate about to help fuel your determination and motivation is fundamental to any entrepreneur.

You also need to trust your gut and surround yourself with people that know the industry if you don’t know the answer.

What is your favourite CCGS memory or experience?

The teachers! They really took me under their wing and pushed me to apply myself. I had grown up always thinking I was the ‘sporty’ one and not as academic in my family. However, when I started at CCGS in high school I learnt that wasn’t the case! All it took was a different learning style and less pressure to really see my potential.

Where do you see the next 10 years taking you?

More products, more expansion, more learning, more scaling and more staff…and for my beautiful two kiddies to start at CCGS when they are ready.