Growing Connections

CCGS joined over 6,500 schools from across Australia as part of the 2023 National Day of Action (NDA) against Bullying and Violence to promote the importance of connections to help build safe and supportive learning environments where all students can belong, feel accepted and respected. From Kindy to Year 12, our CCGS students wore an orange accessory and took part in discussing how they can create positive action by growing connections within our community. 

Growing Connections Junior School
Year 3 wearing orange and learning about growing connections.

In Junior School, our students took part in a range of activities, including our Kindy’s who made 'Connection Paper Chains' with their Year 6 buddies and wrote about all the people and groups they have a connection with.

Kindy with Year 6 Buddies
Kindy making 'Connection Paper Chains' with their Year 6 buddies

Our Senior School participated in ‘Freeze Frame’ activities centered around understanding connections and relationships between others, and how to proactively address bullying by asking for help or reaching out to others who need help.

Senior School 'Freeze Frame' activity
Senior School participating in 'Freeze Frame' activity

“It was so wonderful to see the school community embrace this initiative. CCGS students have strong connections K-12, as our School Values underpin everything we do. Recognising and celebrating this National Day of Action enabled us to reinforce the importance of kindness and highlighted the responsibility of all students to build positive connections to help others feel accepted, respected, included and supported.” Director of Wellbeing 7 to 12, Mrs Jodi Clements.

For more information about the National Day of Action (NDA) and to access resources, visit:


Our CCGS Connections 

Our junior wellbeing program is designed to help our students gain a strong sense of identity from their earliest years. The URSTRONG program also featured a full day dedicated to the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships. 

Our senior wellbeing program focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing to cater for all students at every stage, and to ensure a sense of belonging, safety, and connectedness from Years 7 to 12.

House Families form a core connection at CCGS where all students are allocated to a House for the duration of their CCGS years. Our House Families reflect an inclusive framework where every student is known and valued.